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Electric Storage Heaters

Storage Heaters – New Installation & Repairs

Storage heaters have been around for many years now and as such we, at S.Trott Electrical, Services have extensive experience with this type of electric heating, both installation and also repairs.

A storage heater stores thermal energy during the evening, when base load electricity is available at a lower cost, and releases the heat during the day as required. Heat banks may be composed of clay bricks or other ceramic material, of concrete walls, or of water containers.

Storage heaters are usually used in conjunction with a two-tariff electricity meter which records separately the electricity used during the off-peak period so that it can be billed at a lower rate. In order to derive any benefit from a storage heater, the house must be on a special electricity tariff i.e. Economy 7.

For 16 hours in the daytime, the radiator heats a room without consuming any electricity. The process of charging and discharging is controlled by a thermostat and it is possible to adjust a different temperature for every room. Storage heaters need practically no maintenance.

Suggestions for choosing a storage heater:

In order to make certain the heat is distributed evenly in a room, the storage heater is installed under a window or on the inside of an exterior wall. As the period required for the heater to heat up is 8 hours, the necessary power rating should be 200-220 W/m2, at the height of 2,5 m.

Storage Heater Repairs

We repair most makes and models of storage heaters. Call S.Trott Electrical Services with your heater details and we will advise you of problem and cost of repair. We will carry out the repair, inspect the wall isolator switch, test the cable from the wall switch to the consumer box, check and test fuses and finally demonstrating the heater working so you are in no doubt that the heater is in 100% working condition.

Where appropriate, replacement storage heaters can be fitted to your existing restricted hours wiring circuits and your old storage heater dismantled and disposed of safely.

With our extensive experience with storage heater appliances we are best placed to sort out your repair problems.

Contact S.Trott Electrical Services today for advice on the different electric heating options and a professional and thorough electric heating installation in Plymouth and the surrounding area.

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